Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yes I know..long time over due! (Fishing trip to Lake Powell)

Over the last weekend in March Dave and I went with my parents, and some friends in our ward the Butchers to Lake Powell to go fishing. Elle stayed with her Aunt Janet and Uncle Sean..and the boys. She had a tough time without her momma, and asked for me often. (don't tell Dave but they said she never even asked for him...just me...and her Ruby dog) Thanks Janet and Sean for taking care of her..sorry she was a little difficult.

We had a blast fishing in Lake Powell, and caught a lot of fish. We had good fishing weather and really good luck. All but Saturday. Although the weather was beautiful on Saturday the fish weren't biting. Oh well, we caught enough fish the other days to make up for Saturday...but it was so depressing!
Dave preparing to fillet some of our MANY fish!

On Friday I caught the biggest fish! It sure was fun!

Our Friends the Butchers. Ashley and Troy, and their girls Brooklyn, and Caitlyn.

And Lastly some of our many fish we caught on Friday (just some!)


Marinda said...

have you cooked any yet?

Sarah said...

Fish eyes, fish eyes, rolly polly fish eyes.

You look so cute with that giant fish. It's almost as big as you are!

That Girl said...

Yes we made fish and chips with them...It was SOOO Yummy!