Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So on Sunday it was our ward conference and in Young Women's a member of the bishopric was conducting. He did things somewhat out of order and I was joking with the other leaders that I had been gone for so long that they changed everything. (mind you I was gone for 4 weeks with the baby). We all had a good chuckle. Well it was time to re sight the theme. I stand up and I am re sighting it with the young women....."faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works and integrity..." the girls add..."and virtue" WHAT?! I really was gone for a long time. I was stunned and the young women's president Amy is getting a good laugh at my shocked face. So instead of it saying "and integrity" it says "integrity and virtue"
Virtue is a great value and I am glad they added it, I was just surprised at how I was joking around asking if they changed everything on me...and low and behold..they changed the theme.
I adore the Young Women's, and I am grateful I still get to work with them. I think Virtue is a great Value that everyone can have a little more of
President Hinckley said "Believe in Virtue! It is the only way to happiness! It is the only way to peace in one's heart. It is the only way to feeling right before the Lord and before one another."

P.S. Many of you commented about the Natalie on Ava's pictures and were concerned that they would be on all my prints. No the Natalie is simply her copyright for blogged pictures, her name is not on the actual pictures.

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