Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is she a model?

So after much debate and convincing I decided to take Elle into a modeling agency.  They loved her, but I was apprehensive.  They didn't try to sell me on anything as they are a legit agency but I just don't know.
That was two weeks ago. 
I never called them back honestly because I hadn't decided what I was going to do.
Yesterday they called me.
They told me they are extremely interested in signing Elle.
I just don't know! 
So I told them I would bring her back in on Thursday.
What would your concerns be if it were your child?
What kind of questions should I ask them?


Katey said...

She is definitely pretty-unique-stunning enough to be a model. I guess my biggest concern would be image issues. I worry about that now with the influence of school and friends. Girls now a days deal with it sooner than we did.... So I guess making sure she isn't counting calories and worrying about weigh stuff for sure! She is stunning that's for sure!!!!!

That Girl said...

that is one of my biggest concerns too.
She is naturally thin but I know what I dealt with and still deal with so I am concerned about that.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who would see that as a concern.

Ashley Barnum said...

The image issue is definitely a biggie. Another thing to be sure to consider is the demand on time. Is this going to be a fun thing that's like a sort of hobby on the side, or is it going to take too much of yours and Elle's and your whole family's time? Kids today get really over scheduled and don't get enough time for unstructured play and family time. I would ask about the amount of work she would be doing and how often.

If you can balance it and make it a good experience for everyone, it could be a great way to save up money for Elle for college or something like that. Good luck with it!