Friday, October 15, 2010


I know you can choose to be offended so I guess I'm choosing to be offended.
I can't believe the lack of support I've been given with some close friends and family members regarding my photography.  It's actually kinda depressing, discouraging and frustrating.  I know when I decided to do this I went into it knowing that not everyone would love my style.  And that I'm learning to be okay with.  I guess what is so kinda hard is how many close friends and family just seem to not care.  I am thinking I'm going to start distancing myself now.  
I can except rejection from strangers, but it is hard to get it from those you love.


Katey said...

I say it's their lose! You do amazing work so don't listen to them! Some people just plain suck! You rock!

mattandheather said...

I love what you do! You are fantastic and it does hurt when that happens. But you have some loyal fans and bestows who will always call you and recommend you. :)

N Gines said...

Love your blog! I myself am photographer and understand and know exactly what you mean. When I asked for honest opinions I was asking for honest constructive criticism not a put down. As you stated, not everyone will like your style but that's okay because there are plenty of people out there who do. I've seen your images on Shyleen's FB page and I believe they are wonderful. Keep it up. :)