Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm stealing this idea!

A cute friend of my did this on her blog and I thought it was a really fun idea.
She posted to those in her life who have made an impact on her life but didn't name I'm going to do this too.

So this post is for know who you are.

*You are seriously one of the most caring people I know.  You have always seemed to know when I need a friend.  You have been by my side at some of my biggest life events and given me such wonderful advice.  As you say "We Gals Rock"!  I love you more then you will ever know.

*For real you are the funniest person I lie.  It's a shame that there is such a distance between us because sometimes I just need a fix of laughter that only you can dish out.  You are so very talented that I could be really jealous of but you just make me want to be better.  You entered my life at a place where my life was about to change and so was yours...we connected instantly and I am so grateful for scrap booking, the 1st season of the Bachelor, long bus rides, nasty hotel rooms, and accidental cuddling.

*Although we only got to be part of each others lives for about a year or so I treasure our friendship.  You always have something funny to say even though I'm sure you don't mean to.  You have a zest for life and such a fantastic outlook.  You could have become so bitter about so many lost jobs and moves but instead you look on the bright side of things.  I don't know if I could be that optimistic.  You have become such a shining example of optimism for me and someone who has left your print on my heart.

*I don't think you know how much you mean to me.  Actually I know you don't.  Most likely you won't even think this one is for you...but it is.  I've never felt close to anyone in this area of my life except you.  Although I know the feeling is most likely not mutual I'm okay with that.  I admire your independence and wish I had that kind of strength.  You're my favorite.

*You are one amazingly resourceful cookie!  Whenever I'm out at the store I think "how would she do this?".  I often wish I could spend hours with you learning your secrets and tips.  You have always been so easy to talk with and I wish I got to spend more time with you.  You make me want to be better.

*What can I say about you that is sufficient enough in this little tiny space?! Nothing is sufficient enough!  I wish we would have been better friends in H.S.  I feel like we missed so many important parts of each others lives.  HOWEVER today is what matters.  I'm grateful we are here now that our friendship is strong.  Out of ALL my true friends I've known you the longest.  You're awesome...."I won't keep ya!" bwahhhaa!

*I know you don't read this blog...but I can't write this post without a tribute to you.
YOU saved me!  In my darkest hours you listened and never judged.  I'm afraid to see it end because I'm better.  I wish we would have met some other way so we could be friends forever....I dread February 18th cause I know what it might mean.  I'm alive because of you.

*Oh so many things to say about you...where to begin.  I remember when I got SOOO mad at you because you were dating someone I didn't want you too.  And I remember saying "you're supposed to marry 'him'".  I was hard on you about that...I'm glad I was.  Your relationship with your hubby is something I admire and look up to.  You are so talented and crafty and just the best momma!  I admire you in so many ways.

*I'm sad we are not close the way I always hoped we would be.  When we first met I think we were on our way to being close and having a great relationship...something stopped that.  However when we first met you made me feel like I belonged and at the time that was very important. Because you made me feel like I belonged at the start...I now know that I belong, so thank you.

*You are my rock! My world, My everything.  Everything thing I can become is because of your love.

*So many times I thought I would never help you.  I thought you would never let me in.  I'm glad that part of our lives are over.  Where would I be without you?  I'm so glad you are close...that I can huck something out my window and hit you...makes me happy!  "be nice to your sister one day they'll be your best friends..." who knew they were right?!

*Cry fest 1996, lady bug shorts, shopping trips, alanis, coverlooks, taco time and hot sauce, blueberry dance co outfits and so much more that's what I call true friendship!

To all you who have been part of my life I say

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