Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Theme Song

I always thought I was an adventurous person, and I honestly think I am in most areas of my life.  However I don't think I take chances when it comes to putting myself out there any more.  Unless it has to do with my photography I just kinda shy away from being in front of people.
I told you in my last post how I went and worked with that awesome photographer who I adore the other day right?  Well I told her that I was terrified to meet her because I was so fearful of what she would think of me by how I looked.  I find that I hold myself back from getting up in front of people like I used to because I am so ashamed of my body.  I am tired of it.  I am tired of this still over taking my life and I wish I could find the courage to knock down that wall.  I wish I could find the strength to be comfortable in my body.  But in the meantime I am going to try.
I love this song.  And I am going to take a part of it and attempt to allow it to inspire me and to knock down a few walls.

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Marinda said...

i love that song! what a great theme for all of us!