Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Good Day

Yesterday I had a fabulous experience and opportunity  to work with one of my favorite photographers.  I had never met her prior to yesterday but just loved her work and her style.  I was thrilled to get the chance to spend some time with her. 
We had a fabulous day shooting and grabbing a little bit of food prior.  We chatted it up girl style and laughed....and you know me, I have an insanely loud laugh. (I did warn her of this prior)  After our play time we went back to her house and chatted it up some more.  We talked a lot of business and she was looking at my website.  She got to the page that is about me and she was saying how much she liked my picture of myself.  She could tell that I just kinda brushed it under the rug because I'm not confident in myself.  And then almost as if she was prompted she said "Do you not find yourself pretty?" 
I didn't want to cry but I did, and she cried with me. She had such compassion for me in the way she accepted me and allowed me to cry and when she cried with me I knew she understood my pain.  
Even through the tears it was a good day.  I enjoyed learning new things, gaining a new friend and being accepted even through my flaws. 


Mary Ann Carlile said...

And you are pretty.

Heidi said...

Who was the photographer?