Monday, February 4, 2013

Chop Chop

This morning as I was getting ready Ava came in and stood beside me on her stool and began to put on lipgloss and style her hair.  {in a way she could..come on, she's only 4}
She then asked me if I would straighten her hair.  So I did.  I hate doing it though.  She has beautiful curls and it makes me sad to straighten them out.  After I did she was very matter of fact when she said to me "I want my hair like this" and demonstrated a short bob-ish hair style. I then proceeded to tell her that I couldn't cut her hair.  And she said to me "yes you can, just get cut it straight across!"
All day she talked to me about having short hair.  So after much talk about it today I decided she could do it.

So we marched over to my sisters house (who is my neighbor...isn't that clever?) and she agreed to give her a little chop chop.

Ava went through a gamut of emotions. Happy, scared, nervous, silly, excited, scared, silly...did I mention silly?!

Ava loves her new "Avie hair" and says she feels like "A New Ava".

I was sad that we cut off her curls but she has never had a hair cut so at some point we were going to have to cut the baby ends off.  We will see once it's wet if it's curly...but for now it's just a cute little bob.


Krystal said...

I can't wait to see it all styled. I love her facial expressions as she's getting it chopped. I'm sure she looks darling.

mattandheather said...

I can't believe how long it was! She is so dang cute, how can you say no to that face! :)

The Durham Chronicles said...

She looks adorable! I made Katelyn ask me for three months before I agreed to cut hers, lol.