Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stress and Shingles

It is no secret that I have been mega stressed lately.  I have been not only burning the candle at both ends but holding the candle over a hot fire....seriously the only thing I can do to stay a float is tread water.  I started getting my papers ready for 2012 taxes and it was so daunting I closed the file and said "LATER".  I start doing laundry and I do one load and I say "LATER".  I find myself saying to my kids "later".  I am treading water here and can't seem to find the shallow end.
This being the case I broke out in a horrible rash and after complaining how much it hurt and how bad it was getting I finally went to the doctor.  The doctor asked me two questions 1. "Did you have chicken pox as a kid?" and 2. "are you stressed". Yes and YES! and she then said in her fabulous Indian accent "You have 'the' shingles."  OH lovely!
So this past week I have been trying to de-stress and I have to say "IT HASN'T WORKED".  I feel like the more I put things on hold the more stressed I become.
So here is where YOU come in.
What are your favorite ways you de-stress?
Because mine are not working.

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Heidi said...

I that last year because of the same thing, stress. For me it wasn't a master of finding a de- stressing activity like yoga, it was finding what I was stressed about and eliminating it from my daily routine. Work was stressful for me, but seeing that I needed it in my life I simply stopped concerning myself with the individuals causing me grief. I let my boss take the reigns on the bothersome subject. At home, I created very detailed chore charts for the girls to help me with. And if the sight of their room was too much, I simply wouldn't go in. We also are a lot of take out and quick fix dinners because coming home after a hard day's work to them face dinner was sometimes overwhelming. Subway was a staple for some time. I hate to quote Dr. Phil, but said something that has stuck with me, "Don't start a fight you're not prepared to win." Don't agree to make dinner if it's going to overwhelm you, don't do all the laundry the same day you have a gig in the evening because it will create a "running out if time" feeling, don't do anything you aren't prepared for. Once you have lowered the expectations in your life to a more attainable level, and subsequently become less stressed, then slowly build back up your abilities to handle more. Good Luck to you. And, is there anything I can help you with?