Friday, October 3, 2008

I love my Mom!

I have a really great relationship with my mom. I enjoy just sitting and talking with her for hours over nothing, or everything. She is such an inspiration to me, and I hope I will be an inspiration like she is to my girls.

My Mom has the inner strength of Superman, the beauty of Miss America, and the pure love of Christ. The word AMAZING can't even describe her. She cares more about others then she does herself. She gives more then she takes, and rarely expects anything in return. She gives more of herself emotionally, and physically then anyone I personally know. She will give up her own plans to stay with you to make sure you are okay. She tries to take all the pain that you are feeling away, and put it on herself. She loves beyond life, because she see's to eternity.

My Mom gives such great advice on everything! She can talk to you about the Gospel and never will you feel like she is better then you, but only that you are equal to her. She can talk about the economy and make you want to do better to become more self dependent. She can make you feel like you are hanging out with high school girl friends because you end up laughing so hard that you think you'll need stitches in your side! Whenever I need an idea for my young women's lessons, she has the perfect story or thought. She can help you come up with inexpensive ideas to make something special, and she makes you feel so good about the idea. She has a knack for making everyone feel loved and special. She will lift you up when you need picking up, she will tell you what you need to hear even if you don't want to hear it, and she will love you like nobody else can. She makes you want to be better just by her example of true integrity and strength.

My Mom is a shining example of hope for me. She has given me such strength and courage to be a good mother, to stand a little taller, to want my daughters to want to emulate me as much as I want to emulate her. She is a true daughter of God and I am so blessed that I was lucky enough to be sent to her.

Gordon B. Hinckley said
"Keep faith with the best that is in you. Your own constant self-improvement will become as a polar star to those with whom you associate. They will remember longer what they saw in you than what they heard from you. Your attitude, your point of view can much such a tremendous difference." She is the polar star that people look at and watch. I want to be like her, like the star that she is, because like her and like the stars they are closer to Heaven and closer to God...and that is where I want to be!


Katey said...

That was really sweet! I do remember your mom being so loving and good! Thanks for sharing you special relationship with us!

Mary said...

I love your mom too! You are very much like her... more than you know.

Grandma Tami said...

Kandis, that was so sweet. I've known all those things about your mom and my very dearest friend for about 37 years now. As both of our families go through trials together, lets all remember families are forever. We can't lose that hope. I love your girls so much.xoxoxox

Sarah said...

That's such a sweet post Kandis. Your mom is a great lady and you are too!