Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen!

The Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen is the little sister to Miss Utah. Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen will compete in the national competition Miss America's Outstanding Teen, the little sister program to Miss America. Dave's cousin Meredith asked Elle to be her Little Miss when she competed for the title of Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen.
Elle was so excited to help Meredith on stage. Elle got to wear a pretty party dress and escort her off of the stage during the Evening Wear competition. Elle was so cute on stage. She was the littlest one, and looked as if she was two. She was super cute and you could tell others felt this way too.
Meredith did so good! She won the "spirit of Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen" aka Miss Congeniality, she also was given the award for scholastic achievement. These were the only two awards that they gave out other then the runners up and the queen. Then Meredith was crowned Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen! We are all so proud of her, she looked amazing on stage, her onstage answer was awesome...and she played her harp piece beautifully. Meredith will compete in Orlando next year at Miss America's Outstanding Teen!
Elle was so proud of her, and I think she felt a little like she helped Meredith win.(even though we know she won on her own merits)
She will represent our state beautifully this next year!


Burke Cynthia said...

How exciting and fun. What girl doesn't love a little glamour young or old?

Mary Ann Carlile said...

How cool! That is so fun that Elle got to escort her. A big thing for such a little girl! Mere looks so pretty. I swear she's still 9 though;)