Friday, May 29, 2009

Calling all Guinea pigs!

I enjoy snapping pictures as you can tell.....and for Christmas Dave got me my almost dream present {almost being the operative word}.

Now...I am no professional by any slight of the imagination however I like to pretend.
{oh and I did once work for a photographer and he taught me a few things...and I did help him with a wedding here and I'm not completely dumb}
I would like to start taking more pictures and once I get better maybe earning a few pennies.

So who wants to step on up and be my pet pig for an hour or so?

I will take the first 10 comments as those who wants their kiddos, or their families...or their doggies shot. {how mean that sounds} And I will take you out and shoot you and give you the evidence that you were indeed shot by me. If you can't read my wit.....let me spell it out for you...leave me a comment if you are number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I will practice my photo taking skills on you, and you will get the pictures in it?!

So humor me folks, and lets get snapp'n!


Just me and my girls said...


I was going to get some pics done of me and my girls anyway. I would love to be your test rat.

My email is

email me with info!

Mindi (Gilbert) Turner

Liz said...

Me! Me! Me! I want to be your guinea pig!!! Wouldn't it be fun to maybe do some prego belly shots later down the road too? That is if anyone can stand to look at my belly....hmm...maybe not! Anyway, pictures please :)

Ashley Barnum said...

Oooooh! I'm SO jumping on this! I love the pics you've got on your blog! I need to get Jayne's done, and maybe the other two kiddos too.

Krystal said...

I have never had pictures done of me, and I have been wanting to for the longest time! AND since you are the cutest girl I know, I'm sure you would do a great job! You can do whatever you'd like with me to get your portfolio started (and, FYI, I have no family/kids or pets... so it's just me!)

Heidi and Tony said...

I would love some of my sweet three month old chunker, and then I could meet your cute Ava and I haven't seen Elle since she was a little toddler. You are so multi-talented. I need to get to developing some talents so I can be nice like you and share them with everyone.

Hogans Hotties said...

REALLY you'll let us be your guinea pigs again!!I can't wait I love pix!!!