Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Violin Recital

{long waited post}

In April Elle had her Violin Recital....and she was so stink'n cute!

She played Suzuki Variation 1 of Twinkle.

We just adore Elle's violin teacher "Ms Julie" she is so special to us. She is just so sweet with Elle and so entertaining. I just sit back during lessons and giggle to myself at all the antics she has to use to get Elle to play and practice.

Thanks Julie for taking the time to teach Elle, even when she can be a little tough!

Enjoy the pictures of my little screechy (but hopefully not for too much longer) violinist

Elle Makena!


Ryan and Laura said...

Ahh. The screechiness (spelling ?) makes it so precious! Hopefully she keeps with it. That's a really neat talent!

Sarah said...

Yay for Twinkles! She looked really cute. Way to go Elle!

The Boys & Nat said...

Way to go Elle! I haven't checked in with you in forever! Disneyworld looked like a total BLAST!!!! You got so many great pictures. I bet Elle was in heaven the whole time. It gets me excited for our little vacation to Disneyland in August! I noticed how long your hair is on your FB profile- is that recent? You look great!

Ashley Barnum said...

I didn't know Elle played violin. That's so awesome! She looks so cute!