Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Music

I am all for tunes on your blog if you choose. I personally don't have any....and I like it that way. HOWEVER...I wish there were disclaimers or warnings or some giant pop-up that says something like "Warning you are about to be blasted with some random song, if you choose to not wake sleeping babies or sleeping dogs or send you shopping for hearing aides you have five seconds to make sure your volume is turned down."
But NOOOO! No awesome pop ups...nothing, just all the sudden MUSIC. Holy Moly if my baby wakes up again from me being un prepared for someones blog jammin tunes I will seriously be tempted to flick a booger at you!
Thanks friends

P.S this is not a personal attack on anyone!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

I can tell this has happened much, no?! I always keep my computer muted, for that very reason. But a that is a great idea!

Danielle said...

i was going to say, just keep your computer muted and the problem is solved!! ;)


I think it is so funny how everyone is different. Because I LOVE to jam out to other blogs tunes. I actually will turn my blog page on sometimes while I am getting ready just to listen to the songs I love lol! Sorry they bug you friend, just mute your volume and problem solved!!!