Friday, September 10, 2010

I love this man!

Oh Dave is such a goof nut, and I just love his strange quirks!

Dave is a sleep talker!
And it is hecka funny!

I'm telling you I wish you all could hear some of the things he says.

Last night he said 
"babe, babe...wait wait...I took it out to the curb, you can go out there and get it."
And then he mumbled some kind dialect of Chinese I'm pretty sure.

One time when we were first married he told me this in his sleep
"don't touch it, you'll break it!"

Then there was the
"Shamus, grab the ladder and put it over in the bathroom"

Most the time he just gibbers the official language of the moon.

But it is so funny, I might just have to start recording him while he sleeps to catch anything blog worthy.

So I'll leave you with the funniest one of all.

Right after we were married we were trying to figure out how we were going to pay all our bills and tithing.  Tithing is 10% of your annual income to our church...{tithing=blessings}
Well he must have been worried about it because this is what he said.

"{sigh} Tithing {sigh} MONEY MONEY MONEY!"


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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Gotta love Dave and his sleep talking! Too funny.