Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eight is Great

Well, today is the day...Elle turned 8.  
She has been so cute for the last several weeks, asking all sorts of questions. 
She has asked me about her birth story after she over heard me talking to my Mother-in Law about it. 
It was such a sweet moment to sit with her and tell her about what happened to us both.  
When I told her that I prayed to our Heavenly Father that he could take me and leave her she cried. 
She hugged me and she really understood what it meant.  She then thanked me for being her mom. 
It was kinda like a pay day.
Elle has a little scar on her foot from all the IV's from her birth and I have told her it's because she was sick when she was a baby.  Well after telling her about her arrival she looked at the scar on her foot and touched it.  She didn't say anything, but I know what she was thinking. 

Elle is such a kind little girl.  Always willing to help out other children.  She is so sweet and tenderhearted.  She loves to give compliments and let's not joke...she loves to receive compliments too. 
One thing I love the most about Elle is there is nothing she doesn't think she can't do.  Seriously nothing.  The world has no boarders.  She still believes that she can be a real life princess when she grows up.  She has no doubt in the world that if she makes a video and sends it in to Disney Channel that she will be picked to be a featured dancer on Shake It Up.  SHe has no limits on what is possible for her to become and what she wants to be.  I love that about her.  I think we can all take a lesson from her. 

Elle really wants to be smart and read big books and write long sentences.  She is a little delayed in that area but she tries so hard.  She is getting better and better every day.   I am so proud of her for her determination.  

Most of all I am simply the luckiest mom. (I know we all think this)  But Elle is a 1 in a million.  She is so sweet and so kind and is more concerned for everyone around her then herself.  She is a beautiful little girl growing up to fast into a beautiful little lady. 

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Love this post, and LOVE this little girl! She really is so so sweet, and you know what? If people shorten Ellery's name into a nickname of Elle, that would make me happy because it would remind me of your Elle - and I know what a beautiful person your Elle is, inside and out. Happy Birthday sweet girl! When is the baptism? Could you please take TONS of pics for us?