Monday, July 9, 2012

What should I say?

 I get emails like this all the time and find that I just ignore them because I don't know what to say.

I get emails with this similar phrase all the time:

"I love your photography and I was hoping that you would take some pictures of me."

Then a variety of statements follow.  (Here's some of my favorites)

"I can't pay you anything, but you can use the photos for advertising" UM.....UMM.....HMMMM?! Say what?

"Would you be willing to do a partial trade?  I could pay  you $25.00 and then I could give you a $25.00 gift certificate to my Etsy Shop"

"I was hoping you would want to do trade, I make tutu's for dogs and I saw you have a dog"

One time I got this.

"I am in love with your work and was hoping to set up an appointment to have some pictures taken. How much do you charge?"

So I responded with my price and this was her reply

"Well, that's a lot more then I was thinking, but I would be willing to if I could bring my camera with me and my daughter and you could show me how to take some good pictures of her after or before my shoot.  Because I have a nice camera and I just don't know why mine aren't turning out as good as yours.  If you could do that then I will book with you a shoot for myself." response.  I didn't know what to say to it!

And here is my favorite one.

"I'm getting married and was wondering your prices?"

So I responded back and this was the response I got...NO LIE.

"I love your photography, you are just out of our budget.  But I was wondering if I let you use my camera I have a Canon Rebel XSI if you would give us a discount."


What would you have done?

I tend to ignore these kind of questions because well they aren't worth my time and I would rather snuggle my littles then respond.

But I should probably say something, just not sure what with trying to stay nice and all.

Okay that's all.


Collyn Ware said...

I found myself cringing at this blog post, but as a fellow photographer, I have gotten some of the same responses. Like you, I sometimes don't say anything back because I am at a loss of words. I know that I should respond, but sometimes I feel like there is no polite way to do it. Some people really do not understand how much is put into even just one photography session!

HLA said...

:O I am shocked!!! At the studio I work at, we have gotten some crazy emails, but nothing like this! I honestly wouldn't know what to say either to be nice. I know what I want to say... "You want great pictures, they come at a price. If you want to be cheap, then go to the Wal-mart portrait studio. The end." Haha! Could be my pregnancy hormones talking though...
I just hate how people who are not in the industry take great images for advantage! Photography is an art form, and those who don't understand or respect it, think you just point and shoot, so why is it so expensive. Also all the wanna-be-photographers who don't know what they are doing, or don't have the artistic side that it takes to be a photographer, are essentially giving their services away at near nothing cost... It hurts all the professionals who know their worth and charge for it accordingly!
Anyways, I'm sorry for my rant... lol. I hope that you don't have too many crazies undermine your photography by emails like this in the future!!

Jessica said...

I feel ya, for sure! I think I'd be tempted to say something along the lines of "I realize that my particular type of photography may not be in everyone's budget or even prioritized into their budget. And that's okay, because there are many types of photography and many places you may go. If you just want some updated shots and aren't interested in shelling out the money for a freelance, I know the Sears Portrait Studio has some killer deals going that you might want to look into - I hope this helps!" :p If folks are gonna shop the independents who invest in their own growth, they're gonna have to realize that the independents have overhead costs (and then beyond that need to make a profit!) Maybe tell them you'd be happy to take their info down just in case you ever offer coupons or specials. Maybe some form letter to shoot out to all "bargain hunters."

Mary Ann Carlile said...

LOL! Seriously?! Some people...