Friday, October 19, 2012

My Vote

Ever since I was a student senator in college I have been really interested in politics.
I find my self leaning Republican in my views.  Which honestly is no surprise.  I am very conservative and I have a lot of traditional values.  So let's face it, I am a registered republican.
This election has been very interesting to me.  And although I am a republican I do want to hear what the other side has to offer in all races.  But I've heard enough now.
I am ready to vote!
The more I hear the more it solidifies who I will vote for.  I am not on the fence with any of my views this go round as I was during the last major election.
This go round I know who has my vote.

Why am I voting the way I am voting?
It's all about economy to me.
I don't care right now about international policy or women's rights this time around.  I care about our country.  I want to know that my children will have what I had.

I personally don't feel that our current president has done the job he was hired to do.
I am a business person and if I had an employee who didn't do the job hired to do I would have to let them go.  End of story.  At the start of his term he said if he didn't have the economy turning around by 3 years then he deserved to only be a one term president.  The way I see it we are worse off right now than we were 4 years ago.  SO my vote will go to the other guy.
See what he said here. 

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