Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kid President

Okay so today I just discovered that cute little kid known as Kid President.  I would vote for him!
He is darling!
I know I am behind the times.

ANYWAY I've watch several of his videos and I am smitten.
But there's two a few things in his videos that I adore and love and really want to apply more so to my life.

1.  Don't be boring.

nobody likes boring right?! Everyone can be boring.  Be different...that's not boring!

2. Be more Awesome

Do awesome things to make others lives awesome.  DEAL!

3. Be a Party

I can do this.
Make your life a party.....
That's it....my life is going to be more of a party on a daily basis.

I think these three tips are great tips to live by to be happy.

That's it...I am going to go and be more awesome, not boring...and make every event a party.

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