Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miss Utah Pageant

Our cousin Meredith was in the Miss Utah Pageant just this month as Miss Provo.
She did an amazing job.
Meredith was Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen and when she was competing for that title Elle was her Little Miss.  Then when Meredith went for Miss Provo she asked Elle to be her Little Miss again.  Well of course Meredith won Miss Provo.
So when it was time for Miss Utah, Elle was so excited for Meredith to ask her to be her Little Miss this time too.

The Miss Utah week is busy.  A lot of rehearsals and long days for these little girls.   We would arrive to the Capital Theatre about 2:00pm every day and would practice and then get the girls ready and fed in time for the pageant to start.  We would usually get home about 10:30 every night.
Elle met some cute friends and made some great memories.

We are so proud of Meredith and her accomplishments.  She is an amazingly talented young women and I am so happy that Elle looks up to her so much.
I couldn't ask for a better role model for Elle then Meredith.

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Marinda said...

i enjoyed the pageant the night that i was there! (although i really hated the ugly black and pink dance outfits the girls had to dance in). meredith is a wonderful example and i am glad that elle looks up to her!