Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Hawaii Trip Via Instagram

I didn't pack my big mamma camera around all the time in Maui, mainly because I didn't want to have to babysit it.  And well it's worth a pretty penny.  But I did on the occasion.  However instagram is professional right? BWAHHHA! kidding!
But I do love instagram.  So here is what I "gram'd" on my phone while in the most perfect place ever. 

Make sure you check out my post with good pictures. 

I always want everything in the sky mall.  They have the niftiest stuff. 


best smell ever

sad to go home. 

we picked all this up on the way back from Hana

coolest bathroom sign ever

beach day

grilling pineapple, steak and chicken

ready to go!

so excited to leave for Hawaii

A dip in the ocean when we first got to the condo.  Clothes and all.


Sandy babes!

We stayed in the same Condo as Mitt and Ann Romney! How cool!

Ready for church...Church in flip flops..okay. 

I just love this one

Sandy days

beach babes

Sleeping in the airport on the way home.

how lush.

 I wish I wore fresh flowers in my hair every day. 

stay away from the white squares. YUCK

Sad to go home

all you need for a drive to Hana

the big momma camera

do you see how sad I was to go home?

We visited this little hamburger hole in the wall dinner twice.  It was so good.  These were on every table.  Kinda fun.

Now that's an awesome sand castle. 

Long day of traveling.  We got lei'd when we arrived. 

Sleeping in the airport on the way home. 

I can't believe how big these fish get. 

Virgin Lava Flow..YES PLEASE

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Marinda said...

fun pictures! you guys are awesome going to church on a vacay... i probably wouldn't go. ha. looks like such a wonderful trip!