Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I feel bad.

Last night I got a email. It was from a Facebook fan of mine who I have never met.
I have had communications with this fan in the past and she was very vocal on my page for awhile.

In this email she expressed how I have wronged her.

I don't want to go into the particulars of the email, however I do have a few thing I wanted to blog about.

In my years I have never intentionally meant to 'blow' anyone off,  to forget about someone, to come across uncaring or cold.  I have made mistakes personally and professionally.  Do I mean to?  No.  Am I human? Yes.
Every day I ask myself "how can I do better today?"  I know I fail at this.

I have to admit that I didn't follow through with one thing that I told this person I would do, and there is seriously no good reason other then I am lame I guess.  I have had great intentions on doing so but this summer I just wasn't moving at a good pace.

Sometimes as humans we let other people down with no good explanation why, but that doesn't mean we have some personal agenda or some personal vendetta.

To all those who I have let down, I am sorry.
I shouldn't put that much on my plate that it falls through the cracks.

I am not the type of person to want to get into confrontation or to hurt peoples feelings and if I have done that to you know that I my intentions really do come from a good place and I don't venture into something wanting to let you down.

I feel bad I have let so many people down.
It seems I fail more times then I don't.


Patsy J. Lander said...

I am always astounded by people who actually sit down and take the time out of a beautiful day to let another human being know that they didn't live up to their expectations. I can see asking you if you forgot to do a task..but to express how she has been wronged takes an enormous amount of nerve. Anyone who follows you, reads your blog, sees your life as we see it through social media has to know that you really have a lot of things to say grace over. A home, a husband, 2 daughters, a dog, a career and a family is a lot going on in one life, especially when you take every single task to heart and strive to be what everyone expects you to be. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen short with my intentions, but by the grace of God, I have yet to have anyone take the time to call me on it...nor would I ever do that to anyone. I know that we all fall short and hectic lives play a big part in that. But please don't kick yourself and call yourself lame because a person complains about something you did or didn't do. Obviously something is going on in her life where she feels the need to identify those who have not fulfilled her expectations...let that be her burden and not yours! Keep doing what your doing, stay true to yourself and trust your heart to guide you. You will be just fine and really so will she. Love you friend!

Lani said...

Kandis, I think anyone who ha sactually met you and talked to you for more than 2 minutes can tell that you are just a kind and good-hearted person... And will do all you can for others... I wish I had known you when I was trying to start doing photography 5 years ago... instead the photographers I knew were two girl's that I thought were my friends and apparently were just mean behind my back instead of encouraging me to do develop talents they were mad at me for trying to do photography because that's what they did! I love how encouraging and uplifting you are to others. It's so unfortunate that we are faced with those people or times when we are good enough to do it all... and it's amazing how God can lift us up in those times. Thank you for all you do! You are AMAZING!!!!