Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Road.

I don't know how many times I have learned this, but it happens often to me.  Many times when I am feeling down and defeated God puts people in my road to lift me up. 
I am so humbled by the outpouring of love I have received in the last few days. 

Yesterday I opened my email to this and it warmed my heart and filled my soul. 

I know you probably get a million e-mails a day, but I still wanted to send you one to let you know how moved and inspired I was by your blog. Your photography is beautiful and stunning and you can tell through your art and your words in your blog that you really worked hard to get where you are today. But it was your blog that I really found moving. You're so incredibly open and honest with your stuggles and your accomplishments. I am a very new fan to your page but last night I found myself going through pages and pages of your blog. I came across your most recent blog today about your personal photographs and I wanted to say you look STUNNING. I don't know you personally but through your words you seem to be a beautiful person, inside and out. I am just starting out in photography and am so happy to have found your blog and your fan page. I look forward to following your photography and personal journey. I know the internet can be a nasty place where people are not always kind, so for what it is worth, I think you are beautiful and that your love for helping others, being happy and having a good spirit really do make you one of a kind. 
I look forward to buying your awesome actions next month for my birthday as well! So thank you in advance for helping me with my business, by creating these actions for others!!
You rock, don't ever change,

I am grateful for the people people who 'go for it' and play chicken with you...standing in your road and brings you to a stop...allowing you to realize that what you are doing is noticed and they care. 

I am grateful for those who have taken the time to send me words of encouragement and love.  For those who care enough to let me know. 

Over the last 4 days I really thought about quitting my business.  I thought, "is this worth it? All that it ever seems is that I can't do enough good."  But then God sends me people to remind me that I am doing enough. 


Lisa Ritter said...

Please don't ever question your ability... You are far more than good enough... You do amazing work and I am always admiring your pictures in my feed... You are a person I look up to as I go on my photographic journey.... Don't ever think anything less. :)

Kandice said...


I have been where you are, I am in no way as talented of a photographer as you and I'm so very new to this but I was hurt deeply by a family member bashing my work and thought about quitting as well it didn't seem worth it to me. But through a few good friend's and an amazing Mom, I realized that if I quite I was only giving that person more power over my life than they deserved and that I was good enough to continue my journey as a photographer. There are always going to be hater's plain and simple but what you have to remember is that you are simply amazing and have an incredible talent and there are so many photographer's who look up to you and would deeply miss you if you weren't there anymore!

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

you are phenomenally talented... never quit. I don't know what it's like to have people hate on me, I can imagine it would get old really fast but the only reason people have to do such a thing is because they envy you. And why wouldn't they? You and your photography are amazing. xoxoxo