Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have many personality traits that makes me unique.  I am loyal, friendly, talkative, outgoing, funny (so I think), caring, compassionate, and so many more.....one the one trait I want to talk about today that I find so me and so horrible is I am a jealous person!  I KNOW RIGHT?! IT'S SO BAD!

There is a photographer and I really enjoy looking at her work, but I'm not jealous of her work.  It's not my style and I don't want to photograph the way she does....but I am so stinking jealous of her I can't stand it.

And honestly it's pretty pathetic.  Because I don't think we would ever be friends in real life.  (We are Facebook friends) I find the stuff she posts kinda off putting and self centered, BUT I ENVY IT!
I envy the people she hangs out with, the food she eats, the clothes she wears.  It's bad!
I think why I think it's so bad because she drives me insane with her self worship, but it is so captivating.

I did meet her once and she didn't give me the time of day.  I wanted to shout.  "DUDE, WE ARE FACEBOOK FRIENDS, ACKNOWLEDGE ME WITH AT LEAST A HEAD NOD!" But of course I didn't.  Instead I gushed to my other friends about how much that drove me insane.  BUT her life seems like everything.
Her life seems so fabulous, so awesome, so beautiful, so EVERYTHING.
Why am I so jealous?
I have a great life.
I know I know, I shouldn't feel this way.

Please say I am not the only one with serious jealousy issues.


The Hussy Housewife said...

We all have a FB friend who we are jealous of and think their life seems soo perfect...but we all know deep down somewhere she ALSO has a FB friend who she is jealous of! Maybe it is you...and that is why she snubbed you in public. It all goes around full circle.

You know what I say?..."Their grass only looks greener on the other side...because it is fed with fertilizer"

aka bull sh*t. I am sure her life isn't perfect...cause no ones is! It is impossible. Right?!?!?

Banana & Rose Bud's momma said...

I am jealous of you!!! I am so shy that I cannot be the person I want to be... I see you as this outgoing, funny person who is confident and amazing... I am jealous!

Patsy J. Lander said...

I'm thinking it is more of an over-admiration than real jealousy. You just like the way she dresses, carries herself and find everything she does attractive. Real jealousy is horrible and totally self destructive. You are so not like that. I'm sure there are great many on your page who are absolutely in awe of you and your work. I know I am. It isn't jealousy, it is just plain old admiration! Sit back, relax and enjoy her work and take great pride in the work you put out!