Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girls Camp

One of my favorite times of summer is girls camp. I love going to girls camp with the Young Women in our ward. I feel so blessed that after so many years I still haven't been kicked out. I just adore working with these girls.

This year our theme was B.U.G.S {Building Up Girls Standards} We took everything that we did at camp and focused it around the standards in For the Strength of Youth. It was SO fun! We had some of the crazy ideas, and the girls were good troupers and humored the leaders (okay me) in some of the silly stuff.

One fun thing we did at camp was "Grateful to Be Me". This tied in with the Gratitude Standard. We had the girls through camp find different things in nature that could spell out their names and take a picture of it. This is how mine turned out.

For the Standard of Dating we did a dating game that was down right hilarious! Seriously any of you YW leaders out there need a fun activity I will so lend you what I made...it was grand!

For the Standard of Dress and Appearance we had a Pajama Fashion Show, with none other then moi as the Master of Ceremony.

For Heath and Physical Activity we went zip lining (although the zip line didn't work so we made a rope swing instead) and we did some canoeing and swimming .

For the Standard of Tithes and Offerings every few hours I would walk around camp with a HUGE 5 gallon bucket filled...okay let's be honest overflowing with candy and pass out hand fulls to the girls. We asked the girls to pay their tithes and offerings to the candy jar. At the end of camp we gave our Bishop the "Candy Tithing" and explained what the girls had learned. The girls couldn't believe how much candy they received and how little they were asked to donate. It was really an awesome object lesson.

One silly craft we did was Duct Tape Bags...check these beauties out! I think they are pretty sweet! The girls even modeled their designs during the fashion show!

Bug Treats Bags! By the end of camp these bags were over flowing. {except for Martina's who left hers out overnight and got eaten by squirrels!}

Camp was so much fun...I already have oodles of ideas for next year! (Let's pray it is not Stake Camp next year!)

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