Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mascara Wars!

I love make-up {gasps of shock...I know!}

I have a FAVORITE mascara...I have blogged about this fab-u-lash...mascara before. It is Dior's Diorshow in black! LOVE IT!

Well....I heard about a new mascara called Lash Injection by Two Faced...that was equal to Diorshow and bonus $5.00 cheaper. So I went to Ulta and found me Lash Injection.

After a week of using here is my review.

Lash Injection is a great mascara, it doesn't flake, and it does plump up your lashes. The cost of Lash Injection is $20.00

Will I continue to purchase this mascara?


Why? Because Diorshow still beats out Lash Injection....and for only $5.00 more I will stick with my oh so fav and fab Mascara...Once again Diorshow wins!

What beauty product show I blog about next?


Leah said...

yepppiee for reviews. =)

i would love to hear what you like/dislike when it comes to eye shadows. i'm clueless!!! i want something that will stay on all day. which is hard in the south. all of that southern heat.


Danielle said...

I remember the days of spending $20+ on make-up (but not really b/c we had a discount)!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaah. I miss those days!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

How much is the Diorshow?