Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen

Dave's cousin is Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen and for the past two weeks she had been in Orlando competing for Miss America's Outstanding Teen (MAOT). I love pageantry and follow most every major pageant this pageant being no exception. As you can imagine I followed MAOT more this year then any other year. I really wish I could have gone to Florida to root for Meredith, but I couldn't so I rooted from my computer!

Prior to Meredith leaving for Florida I had the opportunity to do some mock interviewing with Meredith, and I was BLOWN away. For such a young girl she knows her stuff and has her head on SO straight. I just knew she would do well in Florida.

For almost the past two weeks I have been reading the message boards, and it was so fun to read the reviews of those who were at the pageant. Nobody said anything negative about Meredith (and why would they?!) In fact many commented on how "strong" she was in all aspects of competition. After she competed her talent on the night of her talent prelim, pageant fanatics RAVED about how unique and good she did.

Want to see that talent? Here she is our own Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen Meredith.

Meredith placed in the TOP TEN (I knew she would). And she was given the Academic Excellence award (Smarty pants!)

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Liz said...

Incredible!!! She is beautiful and super talented!