Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WAAAAAA...it's not true!

It is so not true what they say "Big Girls Don't Cry!" I cried...seriously I did...like a really ugly snotty, mascara running, can't catch my breath cry....ELLE STARTED SCHOOL TODAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Yes I know it's only Kindergarten...but folks this is sad. I super-duper like hanging out with her all day. She is one cool kid....and I am so sad I don't have her all to myself all day long anymore...Mega frowny here!

However I am super proud of my super cool 5 year old (side thought...does anyone else want their kid to be the cool kid too?..but not too cool to get in trouble but cool enough to be cool?) She was so brave today she didn't even cry (booohooooo that makes me even more bawl baby-ish) she was so excited to start school. She woke up early (rare rare rare) and was so excited to get going. She kept looking at the window asking when it was going "to be more morning?" meaning lighter outside.

Dave gave Elle a sweet Fathers Blessing and we talked about stranger danger and decided on a family password so strangers can't steal my cutie-patootie-super cool kindi-gart-en-er!

Elle picked out her outfit (I was hoping for a different first day of school outfit..but she loved this shirt and we had to buy it...and she had to wear it on her first day)

Elle had a great first day and was so excited to be in the same class as Jonah (who is in her church class) and Elle told me this after school {who knows if it is actually true..but I believe it} "Jonah said I look pretty" she said she think it was her curls and bows.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be a "waaaaa-fest" for myself.
Hold it together Kandis...Hold it together!


Ashley Barnum said...

She did look so cute today. Not to worry, I'm sure the tears will get less and less....eventually.

Krystal said...

I can't believe you have a kindergartner... that is just crazy... but I am sure she will be a great student, and you will get through this!! hmm... there was something else I was going to say but now I forgot (trying to multi-task in class!)

Leah said...

i just love elle hair. it is so pretty. she is a doll. good job on not crying. i bet it was hard. i think i would of acted brave, and then when i got back to my car i would have cryed the whole way home. wait...not the whole way home, i'm sure i would have just sat in the parking lot until school got out.

Sarah said...

I don't look forward to this moment either. She looks darling. I'm sure you'll adjust and find yourself enjoying the break huh?

mh said...

I know it is supposed to be just kindergarten, but really, we are sending them to the first day of their school career which lasts forever until they grow up and leave us! Your post brought back too many memories of taking Cole to kindergarten. I didn't cry this year, but I still wanted to. I hope it gets better in the years to come. =) They grow up too fast.


She is so dang cute! I have a feeling I am going to be the same way because I got teary eyed with preschool!

Nick and Tanya and Family said...

so proud of you and Elle!!! She did look very pretty for her first day. Hope she is still enjoying it!!!

Nay Family said...

I agree it is so sad, I had a hard time with colin being gone ALL day for 1st grade, but now I kinda enjoy the break! BTW- Your little gal is SO dang adorable!! You always have her SO cute!!