Monday, April 23, 2012

Lifetime Movie Network = No Sleep

If there is one thing I am it's a night owl.  I work late to get business done, but last night was different.  I had to batch some photos for the web so once I got that started all I could do is wait for them to get done.
So I got comfy on my couch and watch a movie that was on Lifetime.
I shouldn't have done that.
While the movie was interesting and I enjoyed it, it kept my mind active.
When I decided it was probably time to go to bed, albeit 1:00am, my mind was still kinda racing.
So I laid there and listened to the sounds in my house for a minute thinking I would hear a rhythm that would eventually allow me to fall asleep.  NOPE.  So then I started counting backwards from 100, I would get to 70 and forget stop counting every time because my mind started thinking about the movie again.  So I would start over.   I restarted 5 times. 
Then I decided that I would focus on breathing.  I listened to my breathing only to find that it was not soothing, but annoying.  So what do you think I did?  I went back to the couch and turned on another Lifetime Movie, this time it worked....I conked out.  The next thing I know is I am back in my bed.  I must have subconsciously went back to my room.
Morning came all too soon and I realize how lame I am to stay up so late as I have no time to rest.  But like I always say "I can sleep when I'm dead." 

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