Monday, November 5, 2012

Lonely in North Carolina

I few into Charlotte North Carolina today to spend the week shooting.
Tomorrow I will meet up with a group of women.
As for now I am alone in a swanky hotel in Charlotte.

Let me just say this, traveling alone is not fun.  I am lonely.
I miss my girls.  I miss my husband.  I miss my mom.  I miss my little sister.
I know right?! It's so silly that I haven't even been away from them for 24 horus and I already miss them.  I think part of this reason is because I am alone and that's not fun.

So here I am sitting in my hotel waiting for some room service to arrive because I am starving.  I haven't eaten today because I didn't want to buy anything on the airplane, because let's face it...I didn't want to pay for a over priced nasty sandwich and then my layover in Atlanta was not long.  By the time I got my rental car and got to my hotel I was starving.  But being alone I didn't really want to go out by myself.  SOOOO I decided to order in.

Tomorrow I will leave Charlotte and go to some little place north of here where I will meet up with other photographers for a workshop.

I'm praying I have a good time because right now this isn't very fun.

Okay that's all.

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