Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still Lonely in North Carolina

So I made it to where I was headed and I'm not going to lie....I am still so lonely.  I haven't met any of the women yet.  I've been alone since yesterday and that bites.

I miss my littles, my hubby, my parents and my sisters.

This is why I could never live away from people.  Because I need people.  I drove nearly 3 hours to get to the location of the workshop and parts of the drive I felt like I was in the back woods of North Carolina.
I have to giggle at their 'mountains'.....I like to call them tall hills with trees.  We have mountains in Utah.  I am grateful for my mountains.

Well today is November 6th...obviously and it is election day.
I voted last week because Utah has early voting.
I voted for Mitt Romney and I don't care that I share it.
I am praying he wins the election because as a small business owner I am not sure we can have another 4 years of mister socialist Obama.  Yes I think he is a socialist.
I work so hard for what I have.  I don't relish in the thought that I have to work hard for me to support those who don't.
I am all for helping the needy but I don't want to support the lazy.

Okay moving on....
I am really hungry right now.
Kinda famished.
I need food.

Next..what if I hate this workshop?  That would suck :(
I hope I don't.

Okay that's all....I am now typing nonsense so I will sign off.
Till later.

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