Thursday, November 15, 2012


Okay what's your thoughts.

Elle came home from school today and was visibly upset.  When I asked her how her day was she said "Good if that means nobody will play with you." {yes please insert my heart breaking right here}

Me: "Why won't anyone play with you?"
Elle: "Because I am being bullied."
Me: "What? What is going on?"
Elle: "I am being bullied with their mouths."
Elle: "A.J keeps saying I talk like a baby and that I'm short. He say's I am weird. And he said 'whoever your mom is really messed you up!' "
{Insert little 8 year old princess weeping here}
Then she says to me
"I sometimes feel I wasn't meant to be on this earth."

Back when I grew up one would say "oh that boy teases you because he likes you."
Even if this is the case Elle doesn't see it this way.

What do I do?  She hasn't told the teacher.  Should I write the teacher a note?  Should I go visit with the teacher, should I put Elle in Karate?  Or am I overreacting?


Heidi said...

You are not overreacting! Arrange a netting with the teacher, then go from there. My Mel was being bullied in 5th grade, we told the teacher and the principal. It got it to stop for the most part, but we ended up switching schools because of this one girl. I'm not saying you need to do that, but Mr. Adams is an upstanding guy, I don't think he'd stand for it if he knew.

Also, it takes at least ten positive compliments to combat one negative one. Sit her down and start listing all the great things about her, then get her to join in, until that is her train of thinking. You could also arrange play dates with other girls, to help her form new, stronger friendships. Good Luck!

amy said...

I would agree with Heidi. You need to make the student, the teacher and possibly even the principal aware of the circumstances. Almost all schools have a zero tolerance policy in place and that little turd of a boy better get familiar with it.

My heart breaks for your sweet little girl! Lots of hugs and love at home will help- you are an incredible mom and everyone knows that.

Amanda said...

I agree. You absolutely should talk with the her teacher. The teacher needs to be made aware of the situation. If nothing changes then you should go to the principal. Elle should not have to deal with this kind of thing. Kids are so mean sometimes.

Ashley Dawn said...

Your poor little sweetheart is having a really rough year! I feel so awful! I agree this must be addressed behavior like this can NOT go uncheck, plus she needs to know that as a kind thoughtful little girl she is perfect the way she is and should never allow others to treat her this way, it's compleatly uncalled for!!! I am so sorry you are going through this! I will keep Elle in my prayers as well as you as you work through this. Xoxo Ashley Dawn Leamon

Tina said...

That just breaks my heart! Elle is the sweetest girl and doesn't deserve one bit of bullying! No one does! I agree with these other ladies, teacher meeting for sure and let Mr. Adams know!

Carolyn said...

It makes me so sad that this can't be cured by a grown-up telling her what an amazing child she is. The fact that some nasty little boy is hurting her when she goes out of her way to make everyone feel included makes my blood boil and my eyes tear up simultaneously. I don't know the answer, but as a mom, I would want kick that boy in the teeth! If I were in your shoes, I would talk to the teacher (without Elle knowing) and also foster some confidence-building activities for her. Immerse her in something she's passionate about, and her confidence will blossom.