Friday, April 10, 2009

Flash Back Friday

Ahhh Yeah Big Bootie Big Bootie Big Bootie!
This Phrase has been notorious for many-a Clog America Tours. This picture was taken in Germany in 2001 (the "I miss dave tour")
Oh how fun it was to play Big Bootie over and over.
And you guys remember Mafia? And do you remember when I fell over in the bus and hurt my butt..I guess 2001 should have been the "I miss Dave" and "My butt hurts tour!"
So fun!
I loved traveling with CA and I miss it tons!
Love you guys! Miss ya'! oh and Hey Snuts "No Molestar"


Kristi said...

Who could forget big bootie and Mafia? Good times!

LM said...

Oh! I miss Big Bootie! Brandi & I taught it to the camp girls last wasn't quite the same, but it helped :)
And the funny faces game, and I've Never..haha, kind of stinks to grow up!

Katey said...

Hey big bootie big bootie big bootie! I miss that game. =)

Sarah said...

I never understood big bootie! I thought it was a weird dancer thing. :) j/k

That was a great tour though. Good times!