Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I guess I'm a thief!

* (The following is irrelevant information...but leads up to my story)This past weekend I went to the What Women Wants expo with my good friend Tabitha. While there I signed up to get eyelash extensions....(I already have long eyelashes...but I am obsessed with making them longer) so I made an appointment there with a company who was doing the extensions to come back the next day. *
Now the real story
So I was off to the South Town Expo center to get my luscious lashes done...and I was already running behind. When I arrived at the large and spacious building of many expositions I found myself in the middle of a war....a parking war. Apparently the Gun Show was at the Expo Center and so was all the ammo craving, mullet wearing, camo loving, gun collecting population. This I was not expecting. I did not come prepared to fight such a parking war. I did not have on my bullet proof armor nor did I have my bazooka...cause I don't own a bazooka, or a gun, or a camo vest.
So here I am defenseless completely vulnerable to the masses of ready to fight drivers. I drove around for a good 30 minutes waiting ever so patiently to find a spot. I even gave up a spot I was going to take to a camo wearing gramps. (Oh I'm so nice).
After 30 minutes of war games...I see it....A spot is going to come available.
*scene set up*
I am behind a white car which is a good 10 car lengths ahead of me...... Grandpa and Son walk out from behind a row of cars about 5 car lengths ahead of me. They walk towards their truck. Only two stalls from where I am. AWESOME. I put on my blinker. Meanwhile...white car...turns around completely (in the middle of the isle...a six point turn around) and drive towards me...puts on her blinker. I see her roll down her window and yell something to the men. Now the truck pulls out, and I look at the lady and said...I was here first that is my spot. I speedily pull my cute little automobile into the briefly vacant the lady is yelling at me saying that this is her spot. Whatever lady I was here before you. Before I even had a chance to get out of my car...the lady seriously came up to my window and knocked on it. (I know you are laughing...I was laughing too) This is what she said "This was my spot....I asked the guys if I could have it." apparently that is what she was yelling when she rolled her window down. I nicely replied "I'm sorry if you asked them if you could have the spot. I was here before you even got here...and you had to turn around to reach this spot....I'm sorry but you'll have to find another." Then she said this (this is really great). "well I hope you have a nice day, and you feel good about what you did. I asked those gentleman if I could have this spot and they said didn't ask...." wait for it..... "this is stealing". BWAHHHHHH! I then told the lady I felt good about myself and I was going to sleep fine.
I'm telling was a war zone! And I stole someones parking space!! Oh the humanity!


Mary said...

I totally know what that is like!! I watched a similar thing unfold while waiting for a spot at the Festival of Trees. You'd think the people that built the expo center would have done a better job with the parking lot!

Hogans Hotties said...

I'll see you in the telestial kingdom you stealer!!! Unbelievable seriously why couldn't we have gone on saturday? i would have loved to see the mullets!why don't things like that happen to me so i can have a good laugh!s

Heidi and Tony said...

This is hilarious! Although, I probably would have started crying if someone came and knocked on my window. Who does that? Anyhow, thanks for the comic relief. I love it!

Ishihara Family said...

How do you manage to cross paths with the rudest, strangest, people in Utah!! Remind me to not go anywhere with you!! J/K