Thursday, April 16, 2009

Then don't read it!

So I was thinking about this today....and decided to blog about it. And just "CLEAR" the air. I have been getting A LOT of emails about my blog, most are positive people saying that they find my blog funny, sometimes serious, and even they admit to loving my "rants". Others hate reading my blog...and express it through comments and emails. Then don't read it friends.

I use my blog as an outlet for me to release my frustrations, things I find comical and even I use it in my own recovery and healing. In clearing the air, I wanted to make it known about a few posts.
One thing I get asked over and over is..."do you really shop as much as you say you do?"
Yes I do! and "are those jeans all yours?" Yep every pair!
One post that made a few people mad was my pet peeve posts. For real friends, those things really bug me, and I don't care if they don't bug you. Yes I will really throw a pack of gum in your order if you don't put a black rubber thingy out (I haven't done it yet...I haven't built up the courage...but I really want to)
I received emails about the picture of the bride in the green dress (the post has now been deleted I was tired of the guff from everyone) Just FYI....the bride was nobody I was a picture I saw on a 101 things not to wear at your wedding tutorial. (somebody else was making fun before I was)

The Easter candy post.....No I did not buy all that candy myself. It was accumulated through 4 Easter egg hunts and two Easter baskets. Have I kept the candy? no....most of it was thrown away after the picture was taken.

And lastly the biggest loser post. Holy Cow did I strike a nerve there.... I wrote that post as a challenge. You all know now that I am getting help for an Eating Disorder (ED) (no I no longer care who knows) and in writing this post it has been to help me to come to terms with my own weight loss struggles and what is healthy and what is not.

Now I don't know why I decided that I needed to clear the air, maybe it's because I value my friends opinions, and would hope you would value mine. Love ya'!

Here are a few pictures of my girlies for you to enjoy!

Elle finding the Golden Egg at Grandma and Grandpa Broadheads (it actually is the pink egg)


Danielle said...

I agree with everything you said. But I also hope that you think it's okay for people to disagree with you, and hope even more that you still let those people comment. I love nothing better than to get dialogue going on issues that are controversial (well, the semi-controversial, I guess). I love to read educated women say how they feel and what they think, even if I don't agree with them.

*As far as that bride thing, I thought it was someone you knew - that's why I was all up in arms about it. Not that it makes it 'right' I guess, but come on, who hasn't done it.

Anyway, your girls are adorable!!!

Jen said...

Ok, I love reading all your post, even if some are...let see... a little crazy, but that's what makes them so great :) But I have one question. I have seen MANY complain about the stupid black rubber thing at the store, WHERE IS IT WRITTEN THAT IT IS THE PERSON THAT HAS HER STUFF UP THERE’S RESPOSIBLITY TO PUT IT OUT??? WHY IS IT NOT THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PUT IT UP?????? I’ve always wondered that!!!! I personally think it’s the next person in line that should put it up to divide the stuff :) btw…don’t let people bug you so much, they’re not worth the energy!

Ryan and Laura said...

Wow! I didn't realize people were so lame and left mean comments on blogs. Welcome back to HS huh? What ever happened to "if you can't say something nice..."? My goodness, if you don't like the blog, stop reading it. Kandis, this is your journal, write what you want!

Jennie said...

Kandis, just so you know I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up.