Wednesday, April 1, 2009

41 pairs of utter discouragement!

So if you know anything about me you will know two things to be true...I love my family...and I have a sick fascination with shopping. I LOVE shopping! I don't know what it is but when I am shopping I'm happy, and when I'm happy I am so fun! And when I am so fun.....I am happy....and when I'm happy...I am shopping. You see it's this never ending cycle of pure joy! So needless to say I have a lot of clothes....and laundry . The thing I la la LOVE to JEANS. I simply adore jeans. I love the pockets of jeans...and how certain pairs my my tush..cuter. I love the way a nice pair of denim make you feel like you are the hottest thing ever...and I ADORE many what the label may say (vain I know...but you come here for the truth don't you?) HOWEVER I have been in my own little H. people! I own 42 pairs of jeans!
So to my utter dismay only one of them currently fit!
Yes amigos I know I just had a super adorable cutie patottie baby 3 1/2 months ago....but still.....I am super discouraged...and have a perma-frownie. Out of 42 pairs of super cute pantaloons.........only one pair post baby tush!

What do I do? You don't understand friends..this is so difficult for me. Some of you will understand why it is so hard for me....At this point I am ready to seriously give in to "easier" ways. Why? Because Seven, Laguna, R&R, Micheal Kors, Calvin Klein, Lucky, Big Star, Silver and even my comfy buddy Levi are sitting in my closet calling my name...oh so lonely...longing for my tush to join them. I just want to welcome ED back into my world semi-permanently just till I am re-joined with my denim friends again. HOWEVER I will try my dangest to be strong...and join my jean friends again the healthy way. (I am hoping)


Heidi and Tony said...

41 Jeans!! Holy moly girl! Try not to be too discouraged. I am in your same boat right now, except I don't even have one pair that fit. That darn sugar calls my name every day. Oh, and sleep deprivation was never good for a weight loss regiment. Remember you aren't alone. Love ya!!

Danielle said...

Are you exercising at all? I know, like how do you find the time, right? But a bunch of people I know are doing the 30-day shred. It only takes 20 minutes or something. Anyway, I recently bought Turbo Jam (gotta love infomercials) and started doing the workouts. I'm hoping it works! I don't even have 41 pairs of jeans (which by the way, WOW, that's a lot!), I think I have 3, but I can barely fit in them and my 'baby' is 18 months! Hang in there! You want to do something that's a lifestyle change - you can't keep thinking short term. GOOD LUCK!

Liz said...


Remember that you are loved! Remember that your Heavenly Father loves you. Stay strong girl! You'll get back into those jeans, without ED.

Ashley Barnum said...

I SO know how you feel! I had my cute baby six months ago and my old jeans STILL don't fit either. So...I decided that while I'm doing the eating right, exercising, getting rid of the baby weight thing I'd buy a couple(just a couple so I don't get too comfortable) new pairs of jeans so that I could at least be not wearing my maternity ones anymore.
Be Strong and be'll get back into those 41 pairs of bliss!

Krystal said...

so first off, don't get discouraged... second, if you decide to get rid of some of the pairs of discouragement, I am probably short enough to actually fit into them :) BUT... you know what my favorite thing was for losing weight when none of my clothes fit after college? (oops, 4 years of bad eating caught up with me) I joined weight watchers, and walked 2 miles at the gym every day. I also threw in some pilates, and that was the most amazing thing to transform my body. I've never been through pregnancy, so I can't relate to the body issue that way, but doing pilates for 20 minutes right before going to bed was awesome! Good luck!

Dustin and Erika said...

42 pairs of jeans?? You're CRAZY!!! I have like, 3 pairs. Don't get discouraged, every doctor I've talked to says that it should take your body 1 year to get back to "normal" again.