Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mind your own beeswax lady!

I had been working on a Young Women's activity for tonight so yesterday (Tuesday) I went to Hobby Lobby (I love that much Hobby in that Lobby) to get a few things that I needed for the super fab...super fun...pamper party for yw's.

While strolling down around the isles of many plastic flowers...Elle starts having a melt down. "I WANT A TOY." Why is it that every store we go to the Little Miss thinks she has to have a toy? I calmly tell her no. She then proceeds to give me two choices.

"Mom, get me a toy or I will stay here."

"Okay stay there then." I so calmly said

"NO! that is not the right choice! What's your choice? A toy or I am not going?"

"Elle" At this point I am trying not to smile and trying to be stern "then you can stay here, because we are not getting a toy today."

"That is not the right choice!"

At this very moment sloppy spinster comes around the corner and decides to take it upon herself to tell my child and myself what to do.

NO KIDDING this is what she said.

"Young Lady, you are not the one making the choices your mother is..." then hagatha...says "and you shouldn't let her speak to you that way."

WHAT? since when did I ask for a smelly, spinsty, haggy, Lady's opinion. First off....Elle was plain cute giving me options, and second I was handling the situation just fine.

So here I am standing there in utter shock...I didn't even know what to say. I really wanted to say one of two things "Look haggy...I know your butt is rather enormous..but you can keep it to yourself." or "your opinion smells like you." But I couldn't bring myself to say that instead I just said "oh well thanks, but she's learning about choices, and is hoping I make the choice she wants...she's silly."

Now Elle is getting frustrated at me, and mad that spinsty hagatha butted her patootie in our conversation and says "mom have you made your choice?"

Spinsty then guffaws, and turns and walks away.

Good riddance!

Really I would NEVER tell any mother how to mother or own child if I didn't know her. Yes Elle was being a little bugger. But I was handling it. It wasn't like I was beating my child...shessh!

Have you ever had anyone criticize your parenting in public?

Enjoy the picture of Little Miss Options!


Mike and Michelle said...

I have had looks from people that make me feel like the wicked witch of the west! I haven't had any comments yet. That is so nosy!

Hogans Hotties said...

Oh my gosh Kandis, I CAN NOT believe this story, I'm sorry your an awesome mother!! Honestly the best i can't wait to see you tomorrow, there IS SO MUCH HOBBY IN THAT LOBBY LOL!!!

The Boys & Nat said...

Whoa... that lady had some nerve!!!!! Who seriously parents kids (and parents) of others... IN PUBLIC???? I think you handled it perfectly and that she definitely should have kept her thought to herself. I'm in shock!

Krystal said...

my kids have never had a meltdown in public (ah the joys of all of them still being up in heaven), but there are times I have WANTED to give parents a piece of my mind... like, when a dumb little kid decided to play soccer in the middle of wal-mart and nearly hit me in the face... then I realized that it would be pointless because the mother wouldn't be able to understand english anyway! But when the kid is throwing a tantrum, I usually just laugh and think "glad it's not me!" I would NEVER throw in my 2 cents about that one!!

Shaylan and Traci said...

Oh... too funny. How many times can I count that happening to me. I guess my kids are ill behaved. Oh well. Good way to handle it. Way to go!

Burke Cynthia said...

That's classic. The nerve of that woman. Believe me there has been a many of times I have wanted to say something to a mother, but I would never dream of it. Parenting is a touchy subject to most. That lady needs to learn her place.
Love your blog Kandis. Your girls are beautiful.