Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goodbye Car...I DON'T MISS YOU!

A few years back Dave wanted to buy a old corvair. I said NO WAY JOSE...but he did it anyway. Needless to say he resided in the dog house with Ruby for months and months. I only let him out on good behavior which seemed to be rare. Just kidding Da-vid (once again you must say it with an accent). But still I HATED.. DISPISED...LOATHED....this car. Not just because I am so not a car girl....I'm a girl kinda girl...but that is not why I didn't like the car. It wasn't even because it was a corvair. IT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS THIS CAR!
You must understand that Dave went against my wishes, and my request to get this car. The morning he went to California to get it...I was so green...yes putrid green! The night before he left I got sick...deathly ill. I mean I slept on the bathroom floor....and he LEFT ME there! *can you believe the man?* When he came home... It was so NOT the FANTASTIC car he left to buy. I think I called him a few names...and threw him a bone to chew on while he slept in the doggy dwelling. I shouldn't have even givin him that bone! *bahhahhhaa*
Then he would spend nearly every non at work waking minute (so it seemed) on the black money pit...fixing...fixing...tweeking...fixing...AHHHHH! I swear I wanted to poke my eyes out with a hot poker so I didn't have to look at the thing. Needless to say many times my car got kicked out of it's nice warm home so his black painted rust bucket could take its cozy spot!
Although I really really...REALLY didn't like the car...Dave did a FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL job of restoring it! All his hard work did make it look like one helluva car. He put a lot of love, and care, and time...and money..and time...and time...and money...and more money....and time..oh and a little more money into this car. Well this winter as it was pretty near ball freezing (yes I did just say that) his bronco was having A LOT of he decided that it was time to sell the "precious car". Oh happy me....sad Dave. He found a buyer in Texas, and away went the car. With tears and tears...tears of HAPPINESS and JOY....and a little bit of sorrow because I know how much Dave would miss it. With that moolah that Dave got he bought himself a big black "MACHO" truck. *that is a different rant for a different day*.
Anyway're worked so hard on that car....I am proud of you, and all the things that you did to that car. You are extremly talented, and the work you put into that car really shows your talent. But who am I to kidding...I'm glad my car has it's cozy garage all to itself!

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Mary said...

oh, poor Dave. The car looks great. I want to hear about the truck...

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That is really nice that you can support my bro in his talents! He is so good with things like that!

Krystal said...

this would be one of the examples of why I'm grateful to be single :) I would KILL my potential hubby if he pulled a stunt like that... Dave should be thankful you didn't kill him!

Mike White said...

Let's see pics of the new truck.