Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Tan Batman!

I was looking at some pictures today of a FANTASTIC cruise with Dav-id (you must say that like you're mexican...peruvian....or...mexican) and I realized how it looks like I made out with the sun. (No...not just sun kissed....)

When I am tan...I feel super smokin hot , and not just because I am frying my precious skin...but tan fat looks better then white fat. But today I was looking in the mirror and guess what I saw? SUN SPOTS...and WRINKLES...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO MORE TANNING FOR ME! From now on...if I want to look tan I will buy my tan from Nordys.

Which now brings me to Self Tanners. Hot Mommas...You shouldn't be afraid of these complexion bronze rs in a smelly liquid goo...instead you should embrace it and celebrate that you are going to look AMAZING without ageing yourself.

This is my suggestion for self tanners. I have tried just about every type of Self TANNER...and now I know which ones work...and which ones...make you look like my favorite short people....OOMPA LOOMPAS.

When using a self tanner...seriously chic as.....exfoliate before hand. If you don't then you will have darker spots...lighter spots...and orange spots. Then when the old skin flakes off you will be hunted by Cruela De-vil...for your award winning spots. Now here is a good tip...when applying lotion to your hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet.....blend the lotion in with a non-tanner will dilute the tan just enough so you don't look like you've used a self tanner.

Now this is the best tip I can give. I have tried drug store self tanners (not the gradual tanners) and the DO leave you looking more like Mr. Wonka's helper instead of a Greek Goddess. If you want a better natural look...spend a little more moolah! Another great tip for a luscious look is this.....(Now I am warning you this is a little more spendy....) I don't use the "BODY TANNER" on my body anymore. They are too dark and tend to look Oompa-ish (just slightly). What I I buy the FACE tanner and use that on my face and body. It gives a much better glow, and doesn't do the funny stuff to your elbows, and knees. There are a few good self tanners out there. My favorite ones are Clinique and I also really like Lancome's gel face tanner.

So all you smokin hot chica's out there...stop frying your are getting older by the minute! Some people are trying to kick the bottle.....for this I say love the bottle...embrace the bottle!

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The Boys & Nat said...

I totally agree with you on feeling so much hotter when you're tan. And you're right about tan fat being more attractive than the white kind! It makes me sick how much I didn't care about my skin back in high school and would do anything to be tan. I am a total believer of self-tanners too and appreciate all the advice. I also like Clinique's a lot and surprisingly my favorite is Coppertone. I have recommended it to so many people and it is actually a little cheaper. I can't wait to start using self-tanners again after I'm done being prego!