Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What privacy is really for!

A couple of weeks back I was in need of some much needed, wanted, deserved alone time! I told the mister that I was going to take a nice LONG bubble bath and that if he needed anything to call his mom! If the kids got hurt call 911, and leave me a note! I also made it very, very clear to little Miss Elle if she needed me...too bad.
So here I am taking a much needed swim in my make-believe hot springs, when I am snapped out of my bliss by a loud banging on the door. "Go away!" I said to the disturber.
"mommy I need to tell you something."
"I don't want to hear it...go tell daddy."
"mommy why did you lock the door?" asked the inquisitive investigator
"because momma needs privacy...go away!"
"mom? mom? MOM?!!"
"What?" trying to remain peaceful as to not let too much of my sanctuary disappear
"mom, privacy is not for taking baths or showers, it is only for going potty!"
Now this has got me thinking...what is privacy really for? I am going to take Elles advice and note that privacy is for a few things....like going potty. (I am going to have to have a chit-chat with the little miss about baths and showers however.)
With that being said...I have decided that privacy for me, is for taking baths and showers, going potty, pin numbers, social security numbers, credit scores, where the spare key is hidden, bank accounts, deep dark secrets, how much paid in tithing, farting, picking noses, "after kids have gone to bed alone time"....
obgyn visits, weight, and how much I actually spend on clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, makeup, makeup, clothes, skincare, shoes, handbags, makeup, and clothes.
So I have decided for me Privacy is not for blogging. It has been fun to post randomness and have people laugh at me and with me. (yes that means I am not going private any longer!)
NOW PEOPLE....FRIENDS....FRIENEMYS.....are you a private blogger? Do you read my awesomeness of a blog? Have you invited me to read yours? If not...I say
NOT FAIR! invite me dang it! That's all folks....


Heidi and Tony said...

You crack me up! Good thing I sent you an invite or I would be sweating bullets right now. Love ya!

jenjen said...

You are so funny - I love coming over here for a laugh!

Have a lucky day!