Saturday, March 21, 2009

Would YOU like to be part of our Family Vacation? ( a roundabout way)

The Mister and myself has decided that we would like to take a family vacation! HOORAY for us....Sad for you *frowny*

We have decided on the most wonderful place in the universe.....DISNEY WORLD. (don't be jealous can be a part of our vacation!)

Because we want to share in the joy and the love we are inviting one of you to come along with a not so present with us really you wouldn't be going...but you would be making our vacay better! How can you be a part of our fantastic family memories you ask? This is how.....CAN I BORROW YOUR DOUBLE STROLLER?

I don't have a double baby buggy and I really don't want to have to buy one. And since I am so tight with all of you blogging buddies I wouldn't mind me asking. And just think....every time I buckle my super cute kiddos in YOUR wonderful double stroller I will think of you. Your fantastic kiddie hauler will be in many of our family photos.

We will be taking our super fun SECRET vacation (IF any of you tell Elle you are on my poop list...she doesn't know and we are not telling her till we arrive in FLORIDA) within the next few months. I would share with you the date of our vacation but I don't want any crazies coming over to my house and stealing all my super fabulous shoes and bags....and makeup....and clothes...and makeup. However when you say yes to my invitation I will indeed tell you when we will be leaving.
Now come-on friends...I know you want to be part of this adventure with us...only if it is just your stroller!


Krystal said...

don't have a double stroller... or a single stroller for that matter :) I was hoping you were looking for a nanny to watch the kiddos so you and the mister can go on all the rides together. I LOVE disney world!!

Ashley Barnum said...

Hey Kandis. Ashley Barnum here. We have a double you could borrow. It's kind of bulky though. It holds a carseat in front and Elle would sit on a little bench or stand in the back. It works really well for us. You're welcome to come check it out if you're interested.

Ashley Barnum said...

Oh, and it works without the carseat, but Lilly didn't really fit well in it until she was about 7 or 8 mos old. So, if Ava will be able to sit up on her own and stuff by the time you go, you could do it that way too. Here's a link to a pic of it. Ours is like this one, except without the parent tray and I think we lost the sun shade or ours didn't come with one. Anyway...there's a bar you attach to the front to accomodate a carseat, or you can use it as is.
Sorry so long...Let me know if you want to use it. We'd be glad to help you have a fantabulous vacation!