Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm going crazy...tempted to cut!

*did that title scare you?...bwahhhhhhhh!*

I know I asked a LONG time ago...but I am going to ask again...because I am going in..put me in a straight jacket, and lock me in a rubber room coo-coo!

Should I cut...or grow?



Right now it is almost touching my shoulders and I am so sick of it...I actually throw up in my mouth a little just thinking of how much I am sick of my hair right now..SICK..I tell ya'!
SO should I cut or grow?


Dustin and Erika said...

You're just at the annoying part of growing hair out. It's tempting to go short, but look for a cute sholder length cut to still feel cute and grow it out!! Hopefully you're hair grows fast.
Oh, but I do hope you know that you're one of the few that looks good either way.

Krystal said...

you look cute both ways... but, having grown out my hair for 5 years, the happiest day of my life came last month when I finally gave up and got it chopped. I admire people who look good with long hair, but I am definitely a short hair girl... but you can pull of either! (I like short hair in the summer, it's far less hot!)

Ishihara Family said...

I love your hair either way....I am also wanting to chop off my hair! Just stick it out a little longer it gets better! I hope

Ashley Barnum said...

I go through the same thing! I'm trying to grow mine right now, but cutting it sounds so nice. You look great with both! Sometimes I like long better because I can do a ponytail, but I like short because it always looks 'done' and cute. Either way, You'll Look Fabulous! If it's really driving you nuts, try setting a deadline. Say, "If I still want to chop it off in two weeks, I'll go for it"