Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food for thought

{Disclaimer: This post contains religious content that you may not believe in}

Today I have had a lot of time to contemplate my faith and what I believe and why I believe it. There are many times when I have doubted parts of my testimony and even maybe questioned why I believe the things that I do. But today and the trials that has been placed before people that I know and love have come about I know more so now why what I believe is true.

I love my family and I think I have one great family. Sometimes I think that Satan thinks that my family is too "awesome" to "strong" to "great". That we have some great mission so outstanding purpose that he is trying to stop. But with everything I have I will not let him win.

President Hinckley said this in his book Stand a Little Taller
"Imagine how our own families, let alone the world, would change if we vowed to keep faith with one another, strengthen one another, look for and accentuate the virtues in one another, and speak graciously concerning one another. Imagine the cumulative effect if we treated each other with respect and acceptance, if we willingly provided support. Such interactions practiced on a small scale would surely have a rippling effect throughout our homes and communities and eventually society at large."
I KNOW that we can't let Satan into our homes....if he destroys a home he will destroy a nation.

I want my family to be the family that people would look to and say "you see that?....I want to be like them." I am so humbled by the knowledge that I have been given that I can have a forever family. It wouldn't be Heaven to me if I didn't have my family!

So I say this...when Satan tries to mess with you and your family....when he tries to destroy your home....you stand a little taller and say with all the power you can muster


Mike and Michelle said...

Thank you for that. I have been having a hard time the last few weeks. We were buying a condo and just as we were closing we felt like we shouldn't do it. I don't know why but I really wanted it! I am so ready to move. (we live with my parents right now.) I am just so ready to have a place of my own. I need to have more faith that we did the right thing than keep thinking about the condo we were supposed to have because that's what I wanted.

Ashley Barnum said...

Again, you're right on the mark for me. Satan has been attacking our little family ever since we started it and he reared his head yet again recently in the same old way. Sometimes it's so hard to fight the same fight over and over. Thanks for the reminder that it's worth it!