Thursday, July 9, 2009

She is five!

I can't believe Elle is five! Wow time sure does zoom by.

I just adore Elle, she is the sweetest little girl. She is such a joy to us and I am truly honored that I get to be her mom. We tried for a long time to get pregnant with Elle while trying to get pregnant I was diagnosed with PCOS as well as repercussions of ED which made getting pregnant really tough. After years of fertility treatments we were so excited to learn our family was going to be enriched by two tiny feet.

While I was pregnant with Elle I got toxemia and had to be put on bed rest. I was on bed rest at 30 weeks. I was induced because of the toxemia on July 9th and Elle came on July 10th.

The delivery was not a smooth delivery in fact it was down right scary.

{short version of a long story...if you want the whole long story it's a good one...ask me another time}

I was halfway through labor about to a five when the epidural that I had for 5 hours did something funky and made me stop breathing. They rushed me in for an emergency c-section....they had machines breathing for me...I basically was dead. I wasn't awake when Elle was born...I never got to hear her first cry or see her. They rushed Elle to the NICU as they continued to work on me. My family was so scared because they didn't know what had happened all they knew was that I wasn't breathing on my own.

Although Elle was only 4 weeks early her lungs weren't developed and she had to stay in the hospital until she was almost 2 weeks old. She weighed 5 lbs 4 ounces and was 18 inches long. Elle was so less then 24 hours she weighed 4 pounds 3 ounces we got to bring her home weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do was leave my baby in the hospital. My heart breaks for mommas that have to leave their babies for months and months.

Elle has grown so much she is still a tiny tot...only at the 5% for weight and 7% for height.

I am grateful to have been trusted with taking care of such a choice spirit. Elle is such a joy to me!

I love you Elle Belle!


Krystal said...

Happy birthday sweet Elle! My niece just turned 5 yesterday... it is a fun time indeed!

Liz said...

I absolutely love that girl! She is the cutest little thing and such a joy to have in my class. Give Elle a big Happy Birthday wish from me :)

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday to Elle! I didn't know all that happened when she was born - sheesh!!! So glad she is so healthy!

Ashley Barnum said...

Elle is such a sweetheart. I hope she has a fabulous birthday!

Mike and Michelle said...

she is so adorable! I had no idea your labor was so scary. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I hope Elle has a fun birthday!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Elle!! She is such a cutie!

Nick and Tanya and Family said...

Elle is so beautiful Thanks for letting us celebrate her Birthday with you