Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slow Down!

Time goes by way to fast don't you think? I swear I was just pregnant with Little Miss Ava, and now she's 6 1/2 months old! Wowza!

Ava is a precocious child, she wants to grow up way to quick. Ever since she was born she has decided to be on the go. She is super animated and as I like to say she is high maintenance. What I mean by this is that Ava has to be doing something all the time. She needs to be entertained and if she is not being entertained then she is not happy!

Ava is quite the advanced little munchkin...she rolled over at 6 weeks. Started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks (we still have a few wake ups here and there...but nothing major). Ava at 6 months decided it would be fun to crawl. Her doctor said that 6 months is a little early...a little rare...but she is a rare child. {I just love her!}. And last night while I was building a float She cut her first two teeth...AT THE SAME TIME.

I love this baby....I just wish my baby wanted to stay a baby for longer.

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Ashley Barnum said...

What a little self starter! Jayne just started crawling a couple weeks ago and she's 8 months and still no teeth.