Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It all started with Tori!

A week or so back Daves sister came back in town from living out of state for 2 years (it has been two years right?) Her and her cute girls and hubby are going to be staying with Daves other sis until his contract starts with this swanky law firm (I don't know if it's really swanky....but sounds swanky...and I like to say the word it's swanky I'm not saying skanky!) Anyway the day she got in town we all went over to show our love for her because we missed her so. We had an enjoyable time eating and laughing. Mostly we laughed at Tori. Tori is so stinking funny....I think I pee a little when she makes me laugh...she's quite the comical little munchkin.

Tori found this uber-amazing-extra neat-o orange goggles....and decided to wear them....she was so heck-a-funny we had to take a few pictures of this "special child"

So we all decided to include our kiddos in on the fun!

However this was not good enough for us...oh never was a true party until each and every person fashioned the ROCKSTAR Goggles!

This is one Heck-a-va- special family..don't you think?
{Blakey...these special goggles are waiting for you to model them!}


Dustin and Erika said...

I think I just peed a little myself looking at those pictures! hahahaaaaaaaa!

Marinda said...

whoa. i had no idea how very 'SPECIAL' we were! my favorite is mikey with his chinese eyes and dave!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

We truly are a special family;) I love Anthony's! And Ava's just looks way too cute! I just sent you Blake's, so you can add it to the post!