Friday, September 7, 2012

Elective Surgery

So I've decided to do it.  In November (at least I am planning on November) I will be having some elective surgery.
Although this surgery is not medically important for me to have, it is emotionally important for me to have done.
I will be getting some work done on my stomach...(yes you can put the pieces together)
I have a wedding I have to photograph the Saturday after Thanksgiving and hopefully that next week I will be getting this stomach taken care of.
SO I may be calling on a few of you good friends to sit with me while I moan about the most horrible pain and I will probably even say something like "why on earth did I do this."  BUT alas I am going to do it.  So the rumors when you hear them will be true...Kandis is going to have plastic surgery.

Oh and enjoy these few pictures of Ava.....the craziest child ever!


Sovic Clan said...

Welcome to the club. I chose to have some done last January. Best decision. It was very personal to me, but now I am so glad to have it done I have no problem talking about it. Good luck lady!!

Stacie said...

I think you are an absolutely beautiful woman. And I hope that your surgery in November goes well.

The Barnum Family said...

I totally understand what you're saying about it being emotionally important to you. I hope you'll blog about your experience. One day, after I'm definitely done having babies, I'd really like to get my tummy tucked. Even when I lose the weight, it's still just saggy stretched out skin. Yuck!
Good luck with everything! I hope it goes well.