Saturday, September 15, 2012

Working through it with photography

We all know that I suffer from major self esteem issues and I am working through them.  One way I have been working through them is through my photography.  I know it sounds silly but it's true.
I have always known that I didn't go through my eating disorder for myself, but I went through it so I could help other women.
I know that those trials and THESE trials now have been set before me so I could learn.  I know that I am supposed to help other women see how beautiful they are.
Women today suffer from feeling not good enough.  I know, I've been there.  HECK I am still there.  But as I really sit down and think about the goodness of the women that have been placed in my life I can truly see how beautiful they are.  There's so many things that makes my girlfriends, my mother, my sisters beautiful and it's not just on the outside.  They are truly beautiful.
When I am stop and look for these things it honestly helps me to look for things in myself that I can honor and say "that's awesome, I am beautiful"

For example: I love my eyes.  I think they are a very pretty green. I have great eye-lashes.
I love my laugh.  It's hardy and robust.  I love my calf muscles, the years of dance have allowed me to keep my great legs...short as they may be, they are great.
We all can find things in us that makes us beautiful.

And so with this I am launching photo sessions called Real Women, Real Models.  This is to celebrate women and to honor those things that we love.  To find the beauty in us and to display it proudly.
It's time we take TIME for us!
This is our time to show the world that the imperfect is perfect.  It's our time to shine.

My sessions include hair and makeup by some amazing artists to help you feel your most beautiful and to bring out your most beautiful and natural features.
And beyond that we get to go hang out.  Just a day with the girls.

I am excited and looking forward to all the women who will decide it's time for them!
I'm excited to meet them and to celebrate womanhood.

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