Sunday, September 30, 2012

I vow to be cooler.

So Dave and I just went on a 7 day cruise with my sister in law Janet and her hubby Sean.  It was great fun!  Actually we were gone for 8 days because we spent one night in California prior.  AND if I am being honest we still are not home.  I am currently blogging from the Long Beach Airport as we await our flight home.  Excited to see my girls anyway..but that's besides the point...Back to the reason for posting.  While gone I realized something...I am pretty cool...I know braggy right? but it's true, I live a pretty great life and I do lots of fun stuff daily.  I laugh at myself all the time.....and I realize that I don't share much of that here.  So I am going to attempt (key word attempt) to let you all in on me being much cooler here on this little piece of the web known as my blog.

Do I know what I am going to post?  YES! My life.  The comings and goings of Kandis.  This may or may not included daily posts (if I'm feeling up to it) sometimes I might post more then once because I feel like it.
I might post about the crafts I make around my house.  The dinners I cook, the close I bought, the baths I take...the sadness I may feel that day or the joy I feel too.
I feel strongly that this is something  I need to do for me and I think there's a few of you out there who need it too.  I think I have a good story to tell.

So I am actually excited this will be great.  I can feel it.

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