Friday, September 7, 2012


I have been badly wronged twice in the last two months. 

One has been by someone I love and the other by someone I don't know. 

I have to forgive. 
I have to let it go. 
I have to move on.

I have lost a lot of sleep over these two situations.
I have harbored some ill feelings.
I have allowed these wrongs to start to make me feel ugly and so I feel like I really am turning into a bitter ugly person.

Is that who I want to be? No.
I want to be known as the happy person.
Because...I am a happy person.
So I believe that forgiveness is key.

I must be able to forgive so I can be happy.
And for me to be happy I have to be forgiven and I can't be forgiven if I don't forgive. 

So for today I am letting it go.  {we shall see how tomorrow goes...and I pray the ghosts don't come back}


Heidi said...

Kandis, you and I are so similar. I have been struggling for months with things very similar to what you said you need to let go of. I like to consider myself a kind, loving person, but I have been sick with feelings completely opposite of who I feel I am because a number of people have treated me poorly. I know I should turn the other cheek and move on, but I simply cannot release the sting of the things they have done to me. (And continue to do.) Letting go is a struggle I make every day. Thank you for letting me feel like I'm not the only one.

The Barnum Family said...

Forgiveness can be so difficult sometimes. I've had a few experiences too where I've been seriously wronged by those closest to me and it has been difficult to forgive them. Especially when it seems I am constantly reminded in some way of the hurt that I felt. Those ghosts probably will come back sometime in the future (mine always seem to, even when I thought it was all over and done with) but as long as you turn to your Savior and continuously work towards forgiving those who have wronged you, you'll be stronger every time and you'll be able to move past it.
You're very right. Forgiveness is key. It can be a long and difficult process, but in the end it is what will bring you peace and happiness. Take it one day at a time.